On Demand Webinar on: Improving Production Planning and Scheduling Visibility

in your Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment Business

Agenda for Discussion

Trends in Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

  • Industry 4.0 –Road to Plant Optimization
  • Production Planning and Scheduling is gaining importance
  • Elmwood Reclaimed Timber –Customer Perspective
  • Introduction
  • Business Challenges
  • Production Planning and Scheduling Challenges
  • Benefits of improved visibility
  • Advice to SMB’s

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Increase in On-Time DeliverReduction of Work in Progress InventoryReduction of raw Material InventoryIncrease in existing capacity utilization and thereby throughput.Visibility of the Schedule for Faster What-If and thereby Faster Decision MakingAll of the Above.


Improve planning and Scheduling to predict rather than fire-fight.Improve Shop Floor Tracking and Production capture systemsImprove the effectiveness of my existing ERP by considering Bolt-On SolutionsOthersNot Sure

YesNoI use an advanced production scheduling softwareI don't know